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Матч болел
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is kind of viewpoint after seeing a sword, stronger. This is decorate seldom, very clean sword.The sword body is pure slightly high, the sword name calls water.Read small building to see marked price, "1,005"! He Bei Zi is original nothing important purpose of is seeing, discover to read at this time the small building stood where and motionless, she ran to come over to see read the sword that the small building is lookinging at, "how do you want this sword?" "H'm.See." "Owner's son, this sword how much ?"He Bei Zi turns head to shout.That up marks 1,005.Having a liking for to go to should can be still many down. "Hey, you want this sword which!"The owner came over to see for a while.He originally didn't intend to read small building, they would buy sword.So conjecturing of top and bottom reads small building all of a sudden to say, "is all cquaintance, 1,002 lowest." He Bei Zi bargains with him, the end arrives 800 piece. Read small building to grind teeth to take down to come.Owner's son helps to read small building to wrap."Can not see clearly your this younger brother Shi to have much of tolerance!" He Bei Zi says in the part, "you this is to walk eye, he is the satisfied pupil of my teacher.Just did sword for two months, have to in the eighth place of Long Jiu's swordsmanship big match.Just still have to Long Hu compete the first.Does the unlimited future write!" That owner's son is unbearable to cautiously took a look to read small building.A face dares not believes. Two at t

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